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At Struction Contracting we take pride in being a premier kitchen remodeling contractor in Minnetonka. The home is so many things on any given day. Sometimes it is a place to relax, other times a place to entertain. Whatever the occasion, we understand the importance of being in a place that is an expression of who you are and how you live. We can help transform your home into its true ideal as a home remodeler in Minnetonka. We are proud to offer services like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, and more to our neighbors in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

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While we offer some of the best interior, bathroom, and kitchen remodeler services around, you can’t forget about our home addition services. If you are looking to expand your home by adding space, be sure to give us a call so we can help you iron out the details.

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Minnetonka, Minnesota is located approximately eight miles from Minneapolis. The city’s name comes from the Dakota Indian tribe as mni tanka means “Great Water”. The first inhabitants in the area were the Dakota and the Ojibwa Indians. The city was founded in the 1850’s, then incorporated in 1956. The population of the city is approximately 52,369. The city has a variety of activities that can be enjoyed. This finished Minnetonka kitchen remodeling turned out great

Lake Minnetonka is a popular location for visitors and residents. Lake Minnetonka is the ninth largest lake in the state. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, skiing, and swimming. There are also sightseeing and dinner cruises, so visitors can enjoy the lake thoroughly. Shady Oak Beach is another favorite location in the city. Shady Oak Beach has over seventy-five feet of sandy shorelines so visitors and residents can enjoy sunbathing. There are lifeguards available for swimming along with canoe, paddle boards, and kayaking rentals too. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, boating, or play volleyball and children can enjoy the playground too. Shady Oak Beach is a popular place to go to during the summer months.

If the weather outside isn’t ideal for golfing, then visitors can go to the Bunker Indoor Golf Club to play. The Bunker Indoor Golf Club was established in 1997 and they provide twelve state of the art full swing golf simulators that are all widescreen so golfers can play a game. A few of the championship golf courses include the Le Grand George, Pebble Beach, Panther Creek, and Harbour Town. Visitors can still play a game of golf no matter what the weather is at the Bunker Indoor Golf Club.

Visitors that are looking for unique shopping can go downtown. Downtown Minnetonka has a variety of locally owned shops and boutiques to shop at such as the General Store of Minnetonka, Olive on Tap, and the Ridgedale Center. After visitors are finished shopping they can go to the Bacio, Christos Greek Restaurant, or the BLVD Kitchen and Bar. Each of these restaurants offer delicious food. Visitors can enjoy American, Italian, Greek, and traditional foods at these restaurants that are also located downtown. Adults that are wanting to just kick back and relax with a cold beer or cocktail can go to the Bar Louie, Pub 819, and Scoreboard Bar and Grill. Visitors will not be disappointed with any of the delicious drinks that can be purchased at these establishments.

At Struction Contracting we are a dedicated kitchen remodeling contractor specializing in home remodeling services. If you are thinking of having some work done at your home, call today for a free consultation.

Learn About a Recent Remodeling Job in Minnetonka

New Cabinets and Island

We love working on with our homeowner clients to help shape their home into something they may have been envisioning for years. This house was no exception, and we really enjoyed completing this kitchen remodeling in Minnetonka. The finished job included new counters, new cabinets, making some space for new appliances, and installing a new island for increased entertaining and workspace. The homeowners had called us inquiring about the possibility of updating their current kitchen into something more clean and modern, and our design team was more than up for the task of creating a new kitchen space for this family. 

Kitchen Remodeler Project Starts

The first thing we did was to me meet with the homeowners to discuss exactly what they had in mind. We brought along a lot of materials filled with design ideas and pictures of products and materials to choose from. After some very enjoyable conversations about the look, feel, and shape of their new kitchen, they decided on a very sleek design using a lot of white cabinet faces and stone countertops that would be an excellent complement to the stainless steel appliances they were after. 

A finished Minnetonka kitchen remodeler project

Once they had finished making all the decisions that go into successful renovation planning, we were ready to get started. Normally, there are some scheduling considerations that must be addressed alongside the client’s preferences. These homeowners told us to get started as soon as possible. It seems they just could not wait to put their new kitchen to good use! We arrived the following week and began taking out everything that needed to be out of there. For this project, the timing worked perfectly. The materials arrived just before we had finished the removal phase, so we were able to step right into rebuilding and installation seamlessly.

Building the island was probably the most intensive part of the job. It was actually a very simple build, and it was a design that our general contractor crews were very familiar with. Once the main portions of the island were installed, we moved on to placing the countertops and cabinetry. The ovens and ranges were also delivered with great timing, so the whole project was finished a little bit ahead of our projected schedule. The homeowners were thrilled with the way the finished product turned out, and told us to expect a call soon to do their bathrooms! Repeat business is something we thrive on, which is just a small part of the reason we strive to be professional and courteous while building with quality and longevity in mind.