Minneapolis Premium Contracting Solution


The Struction Building Process


The first consultation is done onsite with the customer. The designer goes over the project overview. During the first consultation the designer takes notes and asks questions about the project, making sure that every item receives the attention needed. As we discuss the project with you, we begin to see what your needs are, and the building process has started. After the project discussion the designer will take measurements and note any special items.


Designing your project starts right after your first consultation. We start drawing your plans, making sure to involve you throughout the entire process.

Once the plans are done we will meet with you and and the designer to go over them. At this time we will address any changes, questions, or concerns about the project. The designer leaves you with the comfort of knowing how the project will turn out.


Next, our subcontractors look at the finish plans to prepare a bid. If needed, we set up a meeting with you if there are any special needs on the project. Electronics, wiring systems, plumbing fixtures, and fine woodwork are always being reinvented.

The next step is to present the project to the homeowner. We thoroughly review it with you and answer any questions you may have. This will get us to the project budget. If the homeowner wants any changes done while the project is still in progress, we will make a change order. We will present the price to you before making any changes to your project.

We will show a set of finished plans to the homeowner and to all the subcontractors. Next, a plan is approved with the homeowners and a price is agreed upon. After the final plan is presented the homeowners decide whether or not to proceed with the project.


We go over the contract with the homeowner. The contract includes the project schedule, payment schedule, and allowances.

A working drawing is given to the homeowner and all the subcontractors. Before any work is started all necessary permits are pulled. During production, the job site will be kept neat for the homeowners.

Job Completion

Once the job is complete, we do a walk through with the homeowners and complete a punch list. Upon the completion of the punch list the job is done.