DIY Project Assistance

DIY Project Assistance

Need Help Finishing your DIY Project?

Struction Contracting prides ourselves in providing great service, design, understanding, schedules, communication, and to finish all our projects professionally. We are looking to help the clients who have taken on a little more this year. The television portrays it to look so easy and so cheap to just do it yourself. Plus, it is not that difficult to install a new kitchen, or bathroom, or even add a new addition with the help of YouTube. Trust us we all do the same thing and are guilty of the same goals.

We want to help you succeed with your DIY project. We will take the endless list of items and the project that is started, to a set schedule, with a clear finish date. The end of our first visit we promise you will have the trust in us and will know that your DIY project will be finally finished.

Struction understands that all the correct processes may have not been followed with your project and we are here to help you correct them. The proper permits, inspections, and giving our clients the ability to give a clean discloser at sale is a goal. Also, the project that looks like that DIY show or dream board you have built. We are here for you. Stay happy in your home with the help of Struction Contracting LLC!