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Deephaven, MN

The city of Deephaven is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, and lies on the shorelines of one of Minnesota’s most well-known lakes, Lake Minnetonka. Located just over 15 miles from Minneapolis, Deephaven is a relatively small city. With a population of just under 4,000 people, Deephaven is one of the smaller destinations in Hennepin County. The city was named after its harbor located on Lake Minnetonka.

One of the more prominent clubs located in Deephaven is the Minnetonka Yacht Club. The Minnetonka Yacht Club is a not for profit volunteer organization that offers a number of services for members. The club promotes sailing and the sport of sailboat racing. It is also a major hub for community socializing, and acts as one of the main point of interest in Deephaven. Members are not required to own a boat, and can sail together as a crew, or even as a skipper.

Deephaven is also the home of the historic Cottagewood General Store, located on the shorelines of Lake Minnetonka. Originally opened in 1895, Ralph M. Chapman, built the store to act as a general grocery store for tourists visiting the lake.

The city, being located on the lake, is a major contributor to the tourism and visitation that Lake Minnetonka received each year. With major access to the lake, Deephaven residents enjoy a number of lake sports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and more.

Read About A Recent Deephaven Job!

Island Makes Kitchen Come Together

Our team recently received a call for kitchen remodeling in Deephaven.  The client was looking for a top of the line kitchen remodeler in Minnesota and was referred to Struction Contracting by a previous customer. While we had never met the client, we were happy to work with a previous client’s friend. After speaking at length with the client, we gathered that they were beginning the process of remodeling their kitchen.  They had recently purchased a new home located in Deephaven, and they were working on a final remodel before moving into their new home. We were very happy to be able to help them achieve the house of their dreams.

At the beginning of the remodel, their kitchen looked extremely worn down and old. The cabinets were a faded white, almost yellow color. The sink appeared to have some chipping and there was no island. An island was one of the main pieces that the client was interested in. We assured them that we could create an aesthetic new look for their kitchen. As the project went underway, we worked diligently alongside the client in order to make sure everything was perfect. The finished island was one of our favorite remodeling pieces that we’ve done. The cabinetry was excellent, and it really brought the kitchen together.

The client was very happy with the finished product. Their kitchen had gone from old and worn, to new and attractive. With a central island, the kitchen truly came together as a unified room. We were very happy to be able to have provided this for our customer. If you are looking for any type of home remodeling, whether it be kitchen remodeling or main floor remodeling, give us a call today! We would love to help assist you with your next remodeling project.